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Provincial Information Industry Department

Release Time:2016/1/27 11:05:09   News Source:admin   Views:8213

     August 13, 2008, the Hubei Provincial Information Industry Department Director Zhang to our inspections, environmental changes that my company, and the development of viable ideas.
     General Manager of such companies in the high-level, accompanied by Zhang and his entourage visited the newly-built vacuum tube production line and ceramics to the expansion project, and then in office on the fourth floor conference room for the discussion.
After listening to the leadership of Zhang companys report pointed out that the factory after the reform, enterprises have undergone tremendous changes, giving a new feeling, investment indeed, impressive. Company on around the core technologies, grow in size and strength to play their own advantages thinking is correct, it is necessary to take full advantage of the country to vigorously develop the information industry opportunities and after the reform of the financial strength to accelerate the pace of enterprise development, from the core device to the machine direction, extend the industrial chain and enhance added value.
     Accompanied by Zhang inspections are: Xiaogan City deputy mayor in charge of industry Li Haihua, Xiaogan City Information Industry Secretary Guoxiong, Xiaogan City, deputy director of economic development zones, such as Peng Jianchun. (Mrs. Hill)

Zhang director with the company leadership in the office for an informal discussion on the fourth floor conference room.